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AiAfrica TradeDocs
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AiAfricaPLC TradeDocs

AiAfricaPLC TradeDocs is an electronic Certificate of Origin (eCO) solution, providing Chambers of Commerce, Authorizing Bodies, Exporters and Freight Forwarders with a secure, online tool for application and issuance of eCOs.
AiAfricaPLC TradeDocs combines the best of our electronic Certificate of Origin solutions with next-generation technologies to offer the world's most powerful eCO solution.
AiAfricaPLC TradeDocs operates the world’s largest electronic Certificate of Origin network, including 340+ Chambers of Commerce and 46,000+ Exporters & Freight Forwarders, issuing eCOs out of 18 export countries and receiving eCOs into 203 import countries.
By using AiAfricaPLC TradeDocs relevant parties can apply for, sign, stamp and receive back original electronic Certificates of Origin, eliminating time-consuming and inefficient, manual paper-based processes.




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Next Generation Technology