AfricaPLC Insights Corporate Data & Credit Checks Service

AfricaPLC AiInsights is a proudly African service provider helping companies excel in Africa through data driven business intelligence and local expertise. Supply chain governance, debtor management or counterparty intelligence – we source, verify, monitor and analyze commercial data to unlock the African growth story for our clients.

Debtor Management Solutions

Whether you are reviewing your credit policies to suit the current economic realities, approving new debtors and limits, or enhancing collections, AfricaPLC’s AiInsights information services and software solutions assist you to proactively minimize default risks. We leverage over 30 years of telephonic and on-the-ground research to ensure that our clients receive current and accurate information through our reports.

Maintain a Healthy Debtors Book

  • Optimize collections to ensure you get paid on time, or at least ahead of your competitors
  • Protect your profitability and free up capital to improve and expand operations

Enhance Process Efficiency

  • Save time through instant access to intelligence
  • Identify which debtors to promote or where your business should consider reducing its exposure

Compete on Compliance

  • Ensure continued adherence to internal policies
  • Quickly evaluate debtors
  • Assure compliance with “know your business partner” requirements

Africa Credit Reports

Credit reports include, where available, company statutory details, principals/directors, shareholders, trade data/references, financial statements, financing terms, operational footprint, operational activities and bank codes (in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland). The report also includes an expert score.

Africa Credit Procure Services

Our services cover a broad spectrum of risk management solutions tailored to every stage of our clients debtor lifecycle. During the CLIENT SIGN-ON process you want current and accurate information on your prospective debtor/s, while ensuring you are kept abreast of any changes within the business.

AfricaPLC Procure

This intuitive portal allows you to view what data we have on file and gives you access to our team of research specialists for Africa.


  • Instant Quickview reports
  • Competitive turnaround times
  • Easily consumable pdf reports incl red flag analysis
  • Modular system allowing you to chose the level of depth required for your assessment
  • Over 30 years of research experience in Africa
  • 24/7 portal
  • Unlimited user accounts

Africa Site Visits

Site visit information includes photographs of the location, descriptions of the external and internal conditions and descriptions of the activities taking place.

Africa Registrar Data and Documents

Please contact us at for report quotations.